An Introduction: What this substack is planned to be.
Our first interactive post with a writer, and what a writer! What a book!
This was news to me, too!
Technically a "Night" holiday, not a "Day" holiday, Open That Bottle Night is celebrated the last Saturday of February
The Killer aka Night of the Comet aka Night of the Killer aka PICK A GD TITLE, JONATHAN!
The 10 Sundance Film Fest films I'll be watching - and you can, too! - online in the next 6 days, and the wines I plan to pair with them.
Best OGN I've read in quite some time, but how DO you pronounce "Agiorgitiko"?!?
Whether your holidays are joyous, bittersweet, or sad, they're going to be made better with wine and comics ;)
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Wine and Comics